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PostSubject: quickfire.   quickfire. Icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2009 11:27 pm


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PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 6:49 pm Reply with quote
[17:42] Qu1ckfire: im about to go into te server with my hacked config just to see what i need to delete until i drop
[17:42] Qu1ckfire: im testing my old cfg if i drop im not a hacker
[17:43] Qu1ckfire: im just seeing something
[17:43] Qu1ckfire: letting you know before hand
[17:44] Qu1ckfire: kk i dropped thats what i thought
[17:44] Qu1ckfire: plz let the leaders no i was just testing something
[17:56] YeTi#te.: ok
[17:56] YeTi#te.: Razz
[17:56] YeTi#te.: sry i was playing q3
[17:56] <2k7quickfir3 stopped playing Quake III Arena>
[17:56] Qu1ckfire: lol np
[17:56] YeTi#te.: it doesnt show my ingame status
[17:56] YeTi#te.: Sad
[17:56] Qu1ckfire: what i thought would happen happened anyway
[17:56] Qu1ckfire: i dropped
[17:56] YeTi#te.: D:
[17:56] YeTi#te.: -1
[17:56] YeTi#te.: Razz
[17:56] Qu1ckfire: just let the leaders know i told you before hand haha
[17:56] YeTi#te.: ok
[17:57] Qu1ckfire: and i was just testing an old cfg to see how efficiant the noghost was
[17:57] Qu1ckfire: thanks bro
[17:57] YeTi#te.: :>
[17:57] <2k7quickfir3 is now playing Quake III Arena>

Suspected cheating: PlayerName: ^8>^7Qu^81^7ckfire^8< PlayerIP: Cheat: Client side cheat (1)
dumbass. -1.
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